Elly Maimon

Design Student




This is the color scheme I've decided on so far for my illustration:

I was thinking about the different aspects of my composition and how the colors would interact with one another. I also tried to decide on colors that were bright and exemplified what I consider to be loud.

For Unit 1 I started out by writing a list of things I considered descriptors of the word "loud."

My list, at first, included things like speakers, screaming, bombs, thunder, rock concerts, etc.

After some thought, however, I considered that loudness can be in your mind through your thoughts. I reviewed my list and added words like anxiety, pressure, and worry

I decided, in order to best exhibit a mixture of literal and emotional loudness, I would illustrate a hockey slapshot, displaying the goalie as the key element.

Loudness is present not only in the crowd screaming, the movement of the skaters, and the slap of the puck on the shot, but also in the goalie's mind in the form of anxious thoughts and intense pressure.

Here is my strongest sketch thus far of my idea, which will involve slight comic book elements:

I still want to elaborate on the mental pressure aspect of the illustration somehow.


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