Slainte Design Studio logo


WHAT? I am designing a logo for my graphic design business, recently named Slainte Design Studio.  

WHO?  I am a graphic designer and illustrator, living and working in the Metro New York area.  I specialize in print design / simple digital design for the food and beverage, hospitality, wine and liquor industry.  I design and illustrate other print items as well, but my main passion is in the hospitaly, wine and liqour industries.

HOW & WHY?  I came up with my business name by way of a "lightbulb" moment.  I am a lover of whisk(e)y, particularly a good, smooth Scotch.  The Scottish and Irish Gaelic expression for "cheers" is slainte! (pronounced: slan-cha) and it means "health".  Being the native English speaker I am, I've always thought slainte looks a lot like the word slant. Then my brain combined slainte(d)esign together, slanted design, but with the expression slainte, and voila! I thought this very genius considering my specialization in the wine and liquor industry.  Now I just have to illustrate my idea into an identity piece for my design company.


AGE: 21+

GENDER: Mostly male, female as well

TYPES AND SIZES OF COMPANIES: Mid-level to high end restaurants, bars, lounges, small and large fine wineries (local and global), spirit distillers (local and global), wine and liquor importers and suppliers, hotel chains.  Targeting companies that will mostly generate $900,000 + in yearly revenue.

EDUCATIONAL LEVEL: All levels, WSET certified, experienced in wine, spirits, hospitality, travel, food service, restuarant management, hotel management, event planning, marketing, sales, etc.

LOCALE: Urban mostly, some suburban

GENERAL MOOD BOARD: http://www.pinterest.com/pearlsgirl96/slaintedesign-logo-mood-board/

COLOR MOOD BOARD: http://www.pinterest.com/pearlsgirl96/colors-slainte-design-logo/

PATTERN MOOD BOARD: http://www.pinterest.com/pearlsgirl96/pattern-slainte-design-logo/

TYPOGRAPHY MOOD BOARD: http://www.pinterest.com/pearlsgirl96/typography-slainte-design-logo/


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