Slacking my Way to Artistic Famosity | Skillshare Projects

Desiree Moore

Graphic Designer and Artist



Slacking my Way to Artistic Famosity

1. What's a overall habit you want to create?

I want to draw a page in my sketchbook every morning.

2. What is your slacker habit for that that habit? 

I'm going to draw or doodle for one minute every morning before work.

3. What is your sandwich? What will you do before and immediately after this slacker habit?

I will doodle for 1 minute every day after getting ready and before leaving for work.

4. What is your reward for doing this slacker habit? 

The reward is inherent, I get to upload my doodle and get praise from my friends and followers.

5. How are you going o be accountable? 

I'm going to call it my #DailyDoodle and count my streak whenever I upload my newest doodle to social media.


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