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Pranav Mutatkar

Productivity Enthusiast



Slacker Habits: How to Form Long Lasting Habits

I will teach you how to embrace your inner slacker to create long lasting habits. 


We all know the habits we want to create. Sometimes, we have a burst of willpower and intitative that allows us to start this habits. But for most of us the motivational videos and sheer willpower isn't enough to make these habits last. I will help you understand how to make these habits last with a minimal amount of effort. 

If you are amazing at creating habits and can do it by simply willing it. That's awesome! Don't take this class.

If you are perfectly satisified with everything in your life and don't have greater ambitions or don't care about improving your life. That's awesome! Don't take this class.

If you really want to change, but don't know how to. If you sometimes feel unmotivated. If you are super busy and don't know how to incorporate habits into your busy life. Take this class.


I am not going to lie to you. This class isn't going to make you superman and give you magical powers. You are still going to have to work hard to get to your dreams. But this class will make your life 20% better. I think that is worth it. It definitely was for me. For me that 20% was life changing. 


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