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Slacker Habit #1

1. What's a overall habit you want to create?

Be more productive earlier in the day, instead of procratinating. 

2. What is your slacker habit for that that habit? 

At least one pushup, as soon as I get out of bed (hopefully leading up to 100).

I think this habit will eventually lead to me getting up motivated, and being able to start the day with an accomplishment, and being more productive with my time.

3. What is your sandwich? What will you do before and immediately after this slacker habit?

It will be immediately after I wake up, right before I get ready for the day.

4. What is your reward for doing this slacker habit? 

First, starting the day having accomplished something is a good reward, but i'll also reward my self with an awesome cup of coffee, and quiet time to drink it.

5. How are you going to be accountable?

Telling friends.


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