Slab slab (slab)


Slab slab slabby slab.

Serif + details

I did not use small-caps. The card was made using XeLaTex and the font is TeX Gyre Schola, with ligatures. I could have, but didn't use "old style" numbers that extend below the baseline.

Please offer any advice that you might have.

Sans-serif lesson

I seem to have missed the point of the lesson. So, I have another that only uses type. The font is Open Sans Bold (I am using GIMP on linux). The emphasis that I am using is none.

For the vane canes card, since ornaments are considered type in the lovely Ms Lupton's lesson, I can make an excuse that the people figures could be glyphs in a font. And, the stripes, colors, outline and skewing are emphasis.

I don't think 2 can be considered "several". But, I did give variations on the canes card. Maybe that makes it several.

I have not figured out how to leave comments yet. I enter them, save and then they aren't there. Maybe I have to wait to be moderated.

Anyway, thanks Britney I included 2 variations of your suggestion below:



I made a few versions of your suggestions again.

No transparency and increased font size:

Transparency with larger letters:

Grey background:

Grey scale:

I'm not sure that I am demonstrating having learned something from the video about layout.

To center the text in the horizontal strip, I use the ex-height for the top and baseline for the bottom. I think might look like there is a different amount of space because of descenders.


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