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Patrick Maclan






NIKO (23M), an aspiring cityscape photographer, fears that his life has become stagnant. In an attempt to break free from his mundane routine, he enlists his two best friends to sneak into skyscrapers with him and take daredevil photos from the rooftops. As NIKO’s instagram account grows in popularity so does his desire to take even riskier photos, but is the risk greater than the reward?

First Draft:



NIKO (23M) snaps a photo from the edge of a San Francisco skyscraper. His best friends, CHRIS (21M) and ALEX (24M) are on the rooftop with him, playing lookout. The three of them make an increasingly popular photography team called Skywalkers. A security guard finds them trespassing and chases after them, but the Skywalkers make a quick getaway with the help of the Nightly Janitor.


Cut to a month earlier. NIKO gets home from his part time job as an airport desk clerk. He finds his mom and her friends in the kitchen, exchanging stories about their children. They use the typical “mom’s friends’ questionnaire” and ask NIKO about school, work, and plans for the future. He gives vaguely generic answers so that he can excuse himself to his room as quickly as possible.


In NIKO’s room he we see him struggling to do his online class homework. Frustrated, he exits his course and begins editing his photos.


The next afternoon, NIKO, CHRIS and ALEX are smoking weed on the rooftop of NIKO’s house. NIKO is disappointed to find that his best photo from the night before only barely broke 100 likes on instagram. They debate on why their photography isn’t nearly as popular as others, when they are clearly just as talented. Fed up with lack of recognition and inspired by the sight of his feet dangling from the rooftop - NIKO pitches a plan to boost their popularity by taking daredevil photos from the top of skyscrapers.


The next day, the newly named Skywalkers are in CHRIS’ bedroom planning their first “score.” CHRIS gathers the intel, ALEX gathers the equipment, and NIKO maps out the plan.


Later that night, the Skywalkers get to the rooftop of the first building almost too easily, only to find out that the door locked behind them. They end up climbing 20 stories down a fire escape to get out.

In NIKO’s room the next night, the Skywalkers check their instagram account and find that it gained over 10,000 followers over night. They agree that they’re on to something.


A montage plays of the Skywalkers sneaking into different rooftops, taking increasingly dangerous photos, and gaining popularity on instagram. The montage ends when we reach the point of the story that played in the beginning, when the Skywalkers escape the guard.


The next day, the Skywalkers are back on NIKO’s roof, discussing their accomplishments. NIKO argues that they still haven’t made any money from their photos. ALEX tells them about a photography contest where the photographer with the most “likes” wins $10,000 and the chance to photograph the next magazine spread. The flier says “Wow Us.” NIKO pitches an idea for a photo that’s sure to “wow.” He plans on taking a picture of him hanging off the Golden Gate Bridge by his fingertips. CHRIS tries to convince NIKO that it’s too dangerous, but NIKO is already convinced that that’s his ticket to winning and moving on in life.


NIKO and ALEX are at the walkway of the Golden Gate Bridge. CHRIS didn’t show up. Nervous, NIKO climbs over the barrier. CHRIS shows up out of nowhere and tries to convince NIKO that he doesn’t need to do this and that his other photos could possibly win. NIKO explains that he’s sure that this next photo would win without a doubt.


NIKO climbs over the barrier. The wind begins to blow hard. NIKO loses grip from one of his hands.




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