Toni B.

Owner, Skye Media Group



Skye Media Group

Creative Brief


SMG is a creative, fresh and modern web and graphic design studio that loves color and bold visual elements. I feel like the current brand identity is generic and too plain.


To revamp my website, logo and brighten the look of my website to show that SMG is fresh, knowledgeable and creative; to attract bigger businesses, bloggers and celebrities (authors, reality TV stars, bloggers, etc.)


I would like to attract business owners and personalities across the nation who want to showcase themselves and their products better online in a creative and simple way. My target audience is educated, ambitious, unique, hustlers focused on making a success of their business and understand that website design is a major step.


SMG believes in our clients’ business and vision and want to help them express it online in the best way possible. We don’t think our clients are mediocre so we want to create visual imagery that is. It is more important for our clients to have successful businesses than it is for us to get paid. We don’t just create any old thing. We keep the present and future goals of our clients in mind and act as a consultant helping them think about their business in a way they may have never thought of.


Tons. I notice web designers have light, airy and whimsical yet modern design aesthetics. None of them really design as heavy and bold as I do.


  • We serve as business consultants – not only web designers.
  • We understand the struggle of being a small minority owned business and are committed to keeping our prices affordable and quality of services high.
  • Our design aesthetic can range from big and bold to quiet and modern.
  • We work with businesses just starting out making them appear on the market as if they had always been.


  • I want colors that symbolize the galaxy – rich blues and purples.
  • Dark styled website
  • Sketch, illustrative style
  • Type as graphics; strong design
  • No frill graphics


  • Serious
  • Honest
  • Creative
  • Whimsical
  • Helpful

These are the colors from my mood board. They fit well with my brief but I'm having trouble finalizing my colors. I plan on my website being black. Will any of these colors work on a black background?

A portion of my mood board. I used Pinterest.


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