Skydiveacademy - student project

We have a vision

As experienced skydivers our goal is simple:   to provide empowering online information and exponential learning, to plan jumps more accurately, and to enjoy safer skydives.

By utilizing the latest technology and imaging we have developed a new online addition to jump routines. We believe this will provide a more robust experience on jump day and ultimately keep more skydivers walking around and smiling.

Virtual Spot is our first product: a fully customizable online spot calculator which uses five components to produce for your Drop Zone a one page printout, namely:

  • Google Maps (thank you Google)
  • An algorithm we have developed (the secret sauce)
  • Data provided by you as the user (DZ location, exit altitude, opening altitude, aircraft speed on jump-run)
  • Data provided by you regarding the actual wind speeds and directions (ideal) or you can choose by default to use forecast wind speeds and direction from the online NOAA database
  • We have developed a web application (more secret sauce) which produces and delivers the printout to your computer and printer

Our online application then produces a one page printout for each day of jumping which can be used as reference hung on the hanger wall or inside an aircraft or provided to the pilot. Ideal to help learn to spot or for jumping into unfamiliar DZ’s (like a demo). The generated printout shows key info overlaid on top or next to a Google Map rendition of your DZ:

  1. The ideal jump run heading
  2. The time (in seconds) and distance between when groups of skydivers can safely exit
  3. The area of ground over which a jumper must exit so that if they have a reserve ride from 2000' AGL they will still get back to the landing area
  4. Heading and bearing the pilot needs to fly on jumprun
  5. GPS coordinates for first exit point and last exit point (so the pilot knows when to turn on/off the green light)
  6. Wind speeds and directions at various altitudes used to calculate the spot

No software to download, subscribe on a monthly or yearly basis. Unlimited number of printouts each day (winds do change) can be requested.