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Sky Welkin

Name: Derek Simon

Virginia, USA

Concept/Pseudonym : Sky Welkin

Company Name: Sky Welkin LLC

Slogan: "Above All"


The goal: Brand my art

Target audience: The art community as a whole


The word, 'welkin,' comes from an Old English term, 'wolcen,' which means cloud or heavenly skies.   I extended its meaning to include a unique landscape of my state of mind: a conceptual landscape that has themes of inquiry, continuum, reason, and evolution.  I sees it as an abstraction of life,and Sky Welkin is a way to escape the confines of reality and the horrible things that come with it — horrible things such as racism, greed, corruption, and biased media.  Derek’s concept establishes a foundation that supports the pillars of originality, truth, and perspective.   His style can morph into any fashion. 


Through realizing and accepting my attraction to the environments depicted by filmmaker Tim Burton and the wit of cartoonist Bill Watterson (Calvin and Hobbes), I found I could express myself more creatively by drawing illustrations and cartoons.   And further, the works of Dr. Seuss and Shel Silverstein prompted me to develop a concept and personal theme of my own — Sky Welkin

Logo/ wordmark: (My actual signature/tag) reads 'sky' which is my alias.  I also like to have fun with it and create a composition.  Sometimes I duplicate my signatrure over and over to fill negative space in my drawings.

Tees will be $25 

11''x17'' prints $15

I'm aware that this class is for fashion branding.  My artwork extends to fashion but its definitely not my focus.  Inspired by the way Parra translated his artwork to clothing, I aim to do something similar.  Will not be able to put my first tees up until later in september


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