Sky Morning 1.1.20

Sky Morning 1.1.20 - student project

Sky Morning 1.1.20 - image 1 - student projectHi Julie, another great class.

I was so inspired by your teaching, that I also read some artikles from the Danish Meteorological Institute - a bit overwhelming but also very interesting to read about something in detail, that I had hardly thought about before taking this class.

The foto used was taken on the morning of January the first 2020, showing the sky from my back door


My first sky was coloured with some old (but still as good as new)  water-soluble Neocolor II, I thought this might show the floffiness more clearly, but no...

Then I had a go with my Lukas watercolours - still difficult to get the softness. Especially when I tryed to make the pink clouds and the blue sky stand out more.Sky Morning 1.1.20 - image 2 - student projectSky Morning 1.1.20 - image 3 - student projectSky Morning 1.1.20 - image 4 - student projectSky Morning 1.1.20 - image 5 - student project

Do you have any good advice?

Looking forward to your new classes this year,

Best wishes Hanne