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Skuzzy's Workbook

Going to record my experience with the videos/course. I know some chords. I can finger pick a little. I can't strum yet. Owned a guitar for a long time (13 years). First time it made a sound i liked was just a few weeks ago. So, I commit to learning...


Like I said, I already know some things but I've never really practiced with the intention of improving. I've started a daily practice routine as advised here and i practice lots. with guitar and without. I know my rhythm is weak so in addition I bought some drum sticks and I just keep time (left/right instead of up/down), playing the most basic rudiments. i also stearted a music theory course and a beginners piano course that were freely available online...Basically, total immersion. I made up a playlist of songs that appear in 'easy guitar' lists that I think I can have a go at now (short term goals), songs I like and want to play that need skills i don't have (mid term goals),  and songs/music that make my jaw drop (long term). I'm also trying to sing thanks to discovering that I can check a sung note is approximately the right pitch using my chromatic tuner. 


1st position known open chords (C, C7, D, D7, Dm, E, E7, Em,F(thumb bass note),G, G7, A, A7, Am, B7)

1finger 1fret drill, 80bpm, 90bpm, 100bpm

1f1f up the neck 80bpm, 90bpm

80bpm + 100 bpm strumming { (Em,C) (G, D) * went better than i thought... metronome  seems to act like autocorrect sometimes :)  

Notes: Try to play each note clearly, cleanly, evenly (volume, attack, sustain : playing with Audacity and mixing your efforts taught me something too!). i play once with a pick, once with thumb (E,A,D strings) fingers (i:G, a:B,m:E)... when strumming I also try to play without a pick and alternate the bass note with my thumb...sounds are all over the place but it's a stretch goal.

I am learning the song What's Up - 4 non-blondes as a stretch goal for now. Interestingly this song begins and ends with just an acoustic guitar so it's easy to pick out...oddlly this glaringly obvious fact was lost on me until I just stopped making excuses and tried to play it. 

** I borrowed a camera so will try and video my practice for next time

Finished course: Still suck but at least I have a practice routine :) Added bends, slides, hammer-ons and pull-offs into my practice...Still can't get through a song alone...seems to go better with a backing track.

Enjoyed course, rushed it a bit, will recommend. 


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