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Brian Shamie

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Skunk logo

I was looking at some pics of skunks and realized they're not just the neighborhood stink bombs they seem to be a lot of the time. Well, they still are, but they're also kind of cute, too. 

I tried to get that across here in my skunk logo. After looking at lots of pictures, almost none of which happened to have the skunks posing in any way that would work for me, I found three I really liked and started drawing sketches in various poses. 



I hit on two we really liked, and I started tracing the images in Illustrator, adding a little stylizing along the way. I had a lot of trouble making the second one work, but my first choice (the bottom one) turned out exactly how it looked in my head, with the flat pointed head, the long bushy tail and the stubby little legs it waddles down the street on. 



I have done logo work before, but never have I been shown the tracing/stylizing technique in exactly this way. It really informed where this project ended up going. I'm not positive if I like it better with the ear and eye like in the top or without the features like in the bottom. Any feedback on that? Thank you!


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