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Skunk (Don't ask why!!)

(PROGRESSION PICTURES COMING SOON! They won't all upload at once for some reason!)

Hi Guys,

For some reason, I chose a Skunk! No reason whatsoever but goes!

I started googling Skunks - for how they look and also more about them.



I started drawing a few letterings. I found out that Skunks are one of the bees main predetors so the top lettering shows a skunks tail and a sting of a bee with honey seperating them (as the skunk has to skratch on the front of the beehive to beable to get to them). But this didn't go how I wanted it to. I preferred the second lettering I did..just using the Skunks tail.


Then moving onto my illustration I did a coupld of thumbnails (not enough to really show) but I already knew what I wanted to do. I wanted to make more of a fun illustration concentrating on the stink of a Skunk.


Final Coloured image:


I would like to take Mary Kates other classes and then revisit this one after the 30 Day challenge has finished as I believe her other classes will really help me improve.

Thanks for this Class Mary!

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