Skull on Fire

Skull on Fire - student project



Pretty sure the last time I tried this was when I played around with MS Paint in middle school. Haven't touched pixel art since. Swords & Sorcery was pretty inspirational to me. Now there is all sorts of awesome stuff out there. Thought I'd give it a go.


First thing that came to mind. So I started sketching on a 40x40. At first I wanted it to be smoking, then I turned the smoke layers into flame colors, made a couple alterations, now it's fire! This is a prompt to focus on animating a pixelated fire. Technique before elaborate concept.

Process Images:

Skull on Fire - image 1 - student project

Skull on Fire - image 2 - student project


[In Progress]

Side Note:
Started working on another scene after looking at amazing work like this. I'll have those as starters for future classes.

Winter Schatz
Graphic Design, Motion Graphics