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Ricky Gane

Graphic Designer



Skull fest

This is the second Palehorse class I have taken, the first being the mandala which was awesome. I started off with the sketch process, I really struggled with this but got the basic idea down. Looking back I think I jumped ahead too early and with hindsight I can now see the importance of setting up a good framework to start from.


On to the inking which was really good fun. I was really pleased I got to try out the free frenden brush and found it difficult to master but my consistency of strokes was improving towards the end of the inking process, it was a good learning curve though. 


Next up was adding the colouring, again going back to the original sketch I don't think I added enough detail which made this stage a bit trickier but all stuff to help in the next one. 


I then had a play about with the hue/saturation in photoshop and came out with this colour palette. I'm really pleased with how it turned out, I'm going to get the skull reference books and ink up some more designs, watch this space...



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