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Chris Seney

Artist/Graphic Designer



Skull Crazy

A part of me feels like there is a lot of detail for a sketch and then another part of me feels like I need to add more. I think it will work for some inking though. 

Not really thrilled about the line work, most of it is very rough around the edges but it is a learning process. 

Very rough on the color as well. As I was going along I remembered that a lot of this is still new for me and I decided to just go crazy without being to critical. I mixed up the brushes and varied the brush sizes to see what I liked. I also rushed through this which played a part in the overall outcome but I wanted to get through the tutorial to see how everything worked. Now I am going to get a different skull and do another one taking my time! 

Here is another one that I am working on:

Not sure if I like this yet or not...

I did this last one below on Illustrator. I wanted to switch the platform to see the differences. I like the lines better but it took a while to get the hang of it. I Wacom Intuos Pen and Touch and sometime its really sensitve trying to put down smooth strokes from thick to thin. Overall, I thought the piece came out cool and the hair is dope. I really want to put something in the background but can't decide right now. 

This is part loggerhead turtle and part human! A little mix up! I turned him him into a chief. Chief Loggerhead. 


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