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Skip the Snooze

Primary Focus: My focus is to start my day off with a positive attitude and open mind. I will train my mind and body, build and maintain healthy habits, increase my productivity and have fun.

Postive Habits:



Stretching & Light Yoga

Reading for professional/personal growth

Drink Glass of Water

Daily Focus: I've decided I'm not going to do themed days at this time until I get into the habit of a routine. Once I have that down, then I’ll switch it up and create themes for each day. 

Ideal Morning Routine:

6:00 am: Wake up, shower, bathroom (20 min)

6:20 am: Drink glass of water (2 min)

6:22 am: Eat breakfast (10 min)

6:32 am: Reading (15 min)

6:47 am: Break, Miscellaneous (15 min)

7:02 am: Meditate, stretch, yoga (15 min)

7:17 am: Change into work clothes (5 min)

7:22 am: Leave for work

Current (not so great) Morning Routine: 

5:45 am: Alarm 1, hit snooze (15 min)

6:00 am: Alarm 2, hit snooze (15 min)

6:15 am: Alarm 3, turn off, spend 5 minutes getting out of bed (5 min)

6:20 am: Bathroom, shower (20 min)

6:40 am: Get dressed (10 min)

6:50 am: Hair and make-up (10 min)

7:00 am: Eat breakfast (10 min)

7:10 am: Brush teeth, blow dry hair (7 min)

7:17 am: Lay back in bed and go on phone or read (13 min)

7:30 am: Leave for work


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