Skin tones

Skin tones - student project

Can I say how much I loooooved painting those tiny cubes? I really liked how they looked. Sadly, when i tried to make my skin tones with underpainting, I didn't get the right colors :( I want soo much to make those rich brown colors but it just turned muddy gray at best and I can totally see two separate colors, for example, green and pink. I would love a class exclusively about underpainting.  The teacher's mixed were absolutely gorgeous and I would love to learn that technique.

Skin tones - image 1 - student project

Because of my failed cubes, I tried more combinations, different colors and just experimenting with my paints and figuring out how they behave.

For the color mixing charts, I changed the design a little bit to save time. The secinf wheel looks like all the colors are the same but nope, they look more different in real life/ not scanned version.

Skin tones - image 2 - student project

I have no idea what happened here, I think I need to focus on my mixes more, because they look all so similar and my dark tones turned dark gray, not appealing at all but when I tried combinations at the bottom, they do look different!... was it the underpaintings? I noticed that it tends to make my colors dull sometimes. No idea why.

Skin tones - image 3 - student project

and my final project!! I have improved with my skin tones, still trying to make nice and smooth skins like in the class because mine get blotchy when I use light mixes (lots of water).

Skin tones - image 4 - student project

Gracias Adriana! me encantó tu clase!

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