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Skillshare project week 1 / week 2 / week 3

[WEEK 4]

Here is the link for my version of jumping game - RoboJump!

So yesterday, my Unity project's path somehow got messed up.
I noticed Assets folder inside Assets inside original Assets folder.
And when I re-open the scene all my Prefab, materials, variables are gone.
Tried to fix by copy and paste folders around, it got even worse that I couldn't save any of the work I did all week. T.T

So, I started all over again and spent all night and had to go to work so decided to put it up.
And now my web player is all screwed up and won't play the my game from web nor from local hard drive. After hours of trying to fix the issues, I was't able to unintall the Web Player which prevent me to fresh install the Web Player.

So I just uploaded the file that Unity3D spitted out and hope you guys can see it and able to play it.

The game needs lots of tunning and polishing but thanks Brandon and many of you guys, it now feels like a real game.
Most definitely, I learned a lot and start making up my own FSM even though it's pretty messy.
Still long way to go but I am getting basic idea about Unity and PlayMaker.
Thank you Brandon and all you guys for helping me out.

[WEEK 3]

Here is the link that you can play my week 3 assignment - Breakout

Left Mouse Button Click on the screen.
Then Press "Space Bar" to start game.

Use left or right arrow keys to control the bar.

Press "ESC" key to pause / unpause the game.

Press "M" to toggle on and off background music.

I tried to add score system but it didn't work T.T
So I hope Brandon would show us how to add features below:

1. Score System
2. Multiple lives
3. Resuming game to the current state when you lost a life
4. When finished the level, you get a message that you cleared level.
5. Multiple levels

Thanks for checking out!


[WEEK 2]

Thanks to Robert Duffill, here I am now able to share directly from Dropbox site.

So for my SkillShare week 2 task assignment, basically, I just opened the scene from week 1 task and added various FSM learned this weekend using PlayMaker (and experimented more).

1. Mouse Left click on blue ammo boxes and green hp boxes will toggle rotation on/off.

2. Press "A" to toggle/highlight ammo table, "H" for hp box table.

3. It will make sound when click on the ammo or hp boxes.

4. Press "Space bar" will translate, rotate, scale "forklift" vehicle

5. The camera will automatically rotate as game starts.

6. Press "L" to toggle on/off the spot lights, press "K" to toggle on/off directional light.


[WEEK 1]

Just a quick test of scene for week 1.

Looking forward to move on to the next lesson.


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