Lucas Scott

Melbourne, Australia



Skillshare Vector Illustration: Playing with Texture

Here is my tutorial image:


Here is the effect applied to an illustration of mine. This image is rescaled so the grain effect is lost when compared to the close-up which is also the size I worked at when applying the effect. You can kind of see in the close-up the radial gradient on the black parts of the ball. I had trouble with applying the effect to a group of shapes like in the image below (the orange bits on the main image). I don't mind how it looks but would like to know the best way to achieve that if I wished to pursue that path. I need to try and use a mask and apply the effect behind to get a spherical gradient to work. I'll add more progress shots when I develop it a little more.





Figured out I could choose the direction of the gradient for each piece. So I could direct the black from the middle and lights out to the edge for each piece. A little more time consuming but at least I figured a way around it I guess.



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