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Skillshare Sunday: Gouachey Adventures!

Hi there! 

Wow this class was so fun! I just started setting aside Sundays for doing Skillshare classes and posting a blog about them, so for my first official blog post, I decided to use this class. 


I chose to use water soluable pencils to create my outlines as I've never attempted Gouache before and doing it without linework was too intimidating. So I did some loose flowers based off some photos I took in a public garden this Summer. 


I was using a cold-press watercolour paper for this, so I used painters tape to tape the loose sheets down. I also used some masking frisket to keep thin lines between the flowers. I used a hairdryer to dry the lines because I am also very impatient. 


I decided to try the wash effect. 


I realized after blotting down masses of pigment that....I do not, in fact, know how to do a wash. So you'll find the next flower I did was WAY better. 


I also didn't pay as much attention to colours as I should have. Mixing colours is definitely something I will have to work harder on! 


I used a black brush pen I use for lettering to add inked details that link my style into the painted pieces. 


I am very pleased with how this side turned out after I finally went back and rewatched how you do the wash. I can best describe it was using thicker opaque paint around the edges and then using water to wash it into the center? Still working on it! 


I didn't make a frame for a letter so I added some lettering so I could give this to one of my best friends. 


And this is my kitten, who spent the entire afternoon trying to eat my paint. -_- Thanks for the amazing class! You can see the blog post at


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