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Robin Hills

Emotional Intelligence coach and facilitator



Skillshare Classes on Emotional Intelligence

All my classes are based on some aspect of emotional intelligence - combining thinking with feelings to make good decisions and build authentic relationships.

This a completely new area for Skillshare.  They fit in the Business section that Skillshare is keen to develop.  For this reason, there appears to be less interest that some of the really engaging and fascinating creativity based classes.

I joined in October 2015 and have been adding classes regularly.  To date (late January 2016), I have 14 classes available and 6 of my classes have over 25 students. The most popular has 48.  I seem to be able to get 2 or 3 new followers everyday through organic means.

Thank you to Megan for running this class as I am keen to look at ways to increase the profile of my classes through marketing.

Some actions I have taken:

  • Facilitate an AMA on emotional intelligence in November.  (I had a handful on signups but no attendance on the day.)
  • Reclassify all my tags to fit Skillshare's most popular (and relevant) tags.  
  • Add a link to the homepage of the Ei4Change website (
  • Regularly tweet to my 1.5K+ twitter followers using the link provided in my classes.  This links to my business Facebook page. 
  • Post details of my classes in Google +
  • Review others' projects in this class - great ideas and great encouragement.
  • Complete this project!

Details of my Classes

Introduction to Emotional Intelligence

Develop your Emotional Resilience and Manage Stress

Emotions and their Management

Find your Behavioural Type and Improve your Relationships

Emotional Change Management

Being Assertive in Appropriate Ways

Becoming more Independent

Emotions and their Expression

Determining your Destiny

Building Healthy, Trusting Relationships

Mindful Decision Making

Understanding Empathy

Boost your Self Esteem

Behavioural Styles and Teamwork

Any feedback and comments will be gratefully received.  Robin


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