Skillshare Class Planning, AMA April 10, 2 PM EDT

Skillshare Class Planning, AMA April 10, 2 PM EDT - student project

Hi, I'm Irina, Top Skillshare teacher, watercolor artist, and illustrator, I have a successful channel of 20+ classes here @ Skillshare. Next Tuesday, April 10th I’ll be answering any questions you have about planning your class. Join me and Astrid following here :

Looking forward to hear more about you classes, x Irina. 






Painting Tropical Foliage in Watercolor my class #4

 Tropical foliage is a very trendy topic this year and it will make a great addition to a creative portfolio. That is why I decided to film a class on tropical foliage for my Skillshare channel. I love teaching on Skillshare, it is so inspiring and rewarding, I met so many amazing creative people in my classes.

Watercolor Collage Illustration will be my 3rd Skillshare Class.

Collage is a very trendy technique in illustration and in this class I decided to combine it with my favorite media - watercolor. We will be painting all the elements in watercolor and then we will merge them into a collage, in this way we can experiment with colors, textures, patterns and composition, without being timid or afraid to ruin the illustration.

Watercolor is an unpredictable medium and so many times creating an illustration something goes wrong and because of one icon you have to redo the entire art piece.  

Other time an icon turns out so well that you would like to use again and again in your illustrations, with collage techniques I will show how you can reuse the same illustration icons several times and as a result build your icon library.


For this class students have to create their own watercolor collage illustration, as simple or as complex as they like.

Painting Colorful Silhouettes with Watercolor Class

Skillshare Class Planning, AMA April 10, 2 PM EDT - image 1 - student project

Silhouette designs are simple and elegant, with watercolor techniques we can add them a fresh, contemporary twist. Silhouettes can be used in logo design and branding, as well as on a wide range of products such as stationery, wall art or fabric design.

Original silhouette paintings make wonderful gifts for you dear ones. 

In this class I will explain step by step how to create beautiful silhouettes from your own picture (or my drawings) using watercolor techniques.

I am looking forward to see your beautiful silhouettes!

x Irina.

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