Skillshare Class Cover Image

Skillshare Class Cover Image - student project

This course inspired me to use Canva to create a cover image for a Skillshare course I'm building.

In the past, I've used PowerPoint 2010 to create social media images and saved them as Png files.
Here are some pros & cons I've found in each.

  • Canva provides ready-to-use exact dimension templates for the popular social media platforms

  • In this case, I used Canva's Custom Template option to set up the 1280px x 720px dimension specified for a Skillshare class cover image.

  • In PowerPoint, I cannot specify dimensions in pixels, only inches and fractions of inches. That means I can only approximate 1280px x 720px or the dimensions of other social media images using a pixels to inches conversion tool.

  • PowerPoint gives me much more control over how I can move, align and kern text and shapes. I can also do quite a bit of image/shape manipulation and editing in PowerPoint and work in layers.

The best of both worlds may be to build an image in PPT and then upload it into a Canva template as a background image. It would be a way to get more precisely aligned text on a cover. Canva's more generic text titles and subtitles could be overlaid, as needed. I'll play with this idea over time.

This Skillshare class cover image contains more text than I will use in my course title. The maximum size of a title (for SEO purposes) is 65 characters. I'll use is Production Ready Assets Require Pre-Production Readying Work.

After downloading and saving my image, I compressed it using TinyPNG. This reduced the file size from 100kb to 28kb without any serious loss in resolution.

What thoughts or questions have I triggered?

Mark Joyce