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Skillful sailors and love


DECEMBER 17, 2013

So I've been working on my moodboard and have been dreaming up my direction for "Love & Light". As you can see I'm going for calligraphic/script look and feel. The phrase seems very feminine and light to me, and based upon my moodboard that definitely plays into the look at color as well.

My research brought on all lot of pale blues and bold orange-reds, which I think could end up being really nice for the final. I'm also really loving th extreme shadows, they could work nicely with the theme/tone/message of this quote.

What do you all think? Leave your thoughts below! I'll begin sketching roughs and working to final on this one shortly so I can try and work on both pieces moving forward to color and texture.


Hello everyone!

I am so thrilled to begin the second half of Mary Kate's courses. I had so much fun in the first class, so I can't wait to see where this one leads!

I am going to continue to build of my inked drawings from the first steps class. To refresh your memory, here was my final (two layered drawing):

I've also decided to flex my drawing muscles and pick a short and sweet phrase to letter and digitize along with this drawing. I wanted to take a more feminine approach with this next one and really work on my caligraphic/filligre illustrations.

The phrase I'm choosing to digitize along with last class' final is "Love & Light." I've always loved this little phrase and I try to think of it as much as I can, especially in moment's where I'm frustrated or feeling really negative. It's like my personal mantra. Also, who doesn't love illustrating a good ampersand?!

Anyways, I thought it may be really fun to make this in the thought that it would become some sort of cling that you could place on your mirror or a vinyl for the wall. Just something you could look at everyday and reflect upon. I think it could also work really well as a poster in the same format.

I am beginning to compile my moodboard now and shortly after I'll get into some sketching and share the progress of that along with digitizing my earlier drawing.

Thanks for checking my project out and let me know what you think!



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