Skill Honey

Skill Honey is an idea I'm working on to automate job matching and help workers gain new skills that are in demand in the marketplace. The goal is to give learning recommendations based on employer demand and to empower workers with actionable learning paths that lead towards better jobs.

Pitch deck links:
http://db.tt/7kDQhbHg - PDF
https://docs.google.com/open?id=0B8cTfi6waHzLNi1hb25HRXJIQlk - Google Doc

1. Define the problem your venture is solving and what differentiates your company.
The current job market has many problems, primarily in the matching and searching process. Why are we still sending text documents (resumes) to HR so they can match it to another text document (job listing)? By standardizing the skills required and skills available we can help automate the basic matching and filtering of candidates to find better candidates faster.
On the talent side, instead of trying to guess what new skill to learn we can build a recommendation engine based on jobs available to show what the next steps are for learning a valuable skill. I believe people are inherently curious and with the right information on what to learn and where, anyone can adjust to changes in the marketplace.

2. Articulate what motivates you to devote the next X years of your life to this company and problem.
Re-aligning education back towards jobs is personal to me, as a university instructor, a business owner, and a new father. I want my son to grow up in a world where he can make smart decisions throughout his career towards not only what he enjoys but also towards what is valuable in the market. Once we make sure workers have valuable skills and jobs, then we can start to build beyond that towards a more interesting and fulfilling career.

3. Identify your competitors - both startups and big companies that might move in to your space.
There are many competitors in the education space and in the job matching space, but very few are bridging the gap between both markets. Here are some of the closest competitors that I admire in this space:
Degreed - http://degreed.com/
Path.to - https://www.path.to/
WorkFu - https://workfu.com/
LearningJar - https://learningjar.com/
Evolv - http://www.evolvondemand.com/
WiseStep - http://www.wisestep.com/
Obviously, the biggest player in the job matching world is www.LinkedIn.com but they are much more focused on the social network and not on the education side of the equation.

4. Do your homework on investors and determine your short list of firms you'll pitch to, Why them?
Right now I'm just starting to put together some information on angel groups here in the southeast. I ultimately want to relocate to Portland, so I'm considering pitching to groups there, but I don't have a list put together yet.
Please post any feedback or criticism! Contrary to what Jack Nicholson might say, I can handle the truth!


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