Skill Badges

Skill Badges - student project

Central Theme: Skill badges to show earned certifications and other skills as to be used on my portfolio website. Of these 15 total badges there are 2 categories (programs and processes) I wanted to have distinct look while all belonging together; like girl-scout badges.

1) Brainstorming / Word Association:  I'm dyslexic so "Word Association" really doesn't work for me and I have been trained to brainstorm through images. I operate under the assumption that if an image can convey the same message even after a long period of time it is a successful representation of an idea. So here is my initial sketches ...

Skill Badges - image 1 - student project

2) Sketches: Since I brainstorm in sketch form the following are further refined ...

Skill Badges - image 2 - student project
This one (above) is me figuring what unifying factors I want in all the badges to come ...

Skill Badges - image 3 - student project
By this time I realized I wanted the Process Badges to be personified, so here (above) I was playing with how I could carry over the unifying elements (structured frame that is broken by content, Title of Skill, Since Date)  in a whole new art style including a person.

Skill Badges - image 4 - student projectAnd lastly, this (above) is my final sketches of the tool representation of all the program badges.

3) Mood-board: A great majority of my sketches serve as a mood board (of sorts) as I sketch while researching ideas however this image (below) is the elements I more closely studied while transferring out of my sketchbook and into Illustrator.

Skill Badges - image 5 - student project

4) Color Palette: For the programs this selection was quite easy, as I wanted the badges to retain a visual connection to the programs they represented. For the processes however I worked sort of backwards choosing a skin-tone and hair color that I thought spoke to the character/pose and then picked 3 mono-chromatic tones (except in the case of Off-set Printing) that complemented them. There I also tweaked the text (primarily with the Programs) with custom glyph to fill the banners, choosing a timeless "vintage" font for each. The Process badge text is very simple as I knew I was going to applying a custom curve to each and instead of being the classical overly complicated "art nouveau" vine text, I wanted them to be more legible.

Skill Badges - image 6 - student project
5) Final Badges (as seen on my portfolio website)

Skill Badges - image 7 - student project

Jena Grover
Graphic Designer, Cartoonist, & Animator