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Skil & Blis Logo

Skil & Blis is a boutiqe wedding & event design firm specializing in creating a visually & experientially beautiful atmoshphere for special events & milestones. Skil & Blis works with you every step of the way to create a completely customizable experience that brings your unique vision to life.

The design aesthetic of Skil & Blis is whimsical, romantic, & graphic, combining both vintage & modern elements.

Our target market is both females & males (but leaning more towards the female client), ages 24-45. The Skil & Blis client is educated, stylish, and creative. Their income level is $60,0000 or more, and they live in NYC or within 20 miles of the city.

Skil & Blis Logo Mood Board

Skil & Blis: Color Inspiration

Skil & Blis: Typography Inspiration

Skil & Blis: Composition

Skil & Blis: Concept

Skil & Blis: Icons

Notebook sketches: I haven't played with these in illustrator yet, or with any color - these are simply the sketches from my notebook. I also will play with typography more once I start working in illustrator - for now these are more for composition - getting my ideas down on paper. They are still pretty rough. Please let me know your thoughts.


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