Skies and clouds

Skies and clouds - student project

Hey Sukrutha <3

Firstly can i ask for more? SKIES and CLOUDS being the toughest subject for me to start off with my watercolour journey & were the most struggling part. I relly love the way you have a hold on your subject and how almost everything you do has your signature style ofpainting, no matter what or how much, when i see your paintings pop up on instagram, i will be sure shot that its your's even before opening that post and checking. Because you have that kind of a hold on subject .

Speaking of this class, i not just liked but i totally loved the complete concept of you chooseing relly rare colours that many i have not come across using them specially for skies.
Specially the colours you have chosen is a reality colour, that rusty maroon you explained, is my favourite.
What i really loved about your class :
1.Because its ALWAYS ALWAYS, Beginner friendly whoch is the most important part for a beginner tonot lose hope and also get a decent painting whoch mpotivates to do more.
2. Because its CLOUDS & SKIES.
3. Because you have chosen real sky colours. Giving that glow and effect :)

I used to wonder most of the cloud pictures have this rusty maroon effect kind and i could never do one such, you have made it easy for me now . Your voice was clear, slow and calm when you were explaining each step.
I could paint along by playing the video, because it was that guiding to me plus. It doesnt take a lot of time and really loved that fact as it serves me with so little time i usually get.

I loved your method of splitting the techniques before the classess.
I used to always wonder how this misty effect is given and today i was successflly & happily able to learn it.

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