Skies, Clouds, and Birds

Skies, Clouds, and Birds - student project

As per usual my paper dries far too quickly for me to utilize the wet-on-wet technique in one layer, so most of these paintings are done in 2 or even 3 layers. 
I've used Winsor & Newton's cotman and professional colours, among with a few tubes of QOR. I am very pleased with this class as it was both fun and challenging (aside from the bonkers drying time) and I'm quite happy with the results as I have little experience with clouds and landscape paintings.  
Skies, Clouds, and Birds - image 1 - student projectSkies, Clouds, and Birds - image 2 - student projectSkies, Clouds, and Birds - image 3 - student projectCouldn't get the forest right, but at least I found a good use for indian red. 
Skies, Clouds, and Birds - image 4 - student projectThis was probably my favourite. I began with cotman ultramarine, but I had to layer it with QOR pthalo blue. Skies, Clouds, and Birds - image 5 - student projectIn the top left I used a mixture of cobalt turquoise and cerulean blue, but the two others I used compose blue. I'm happier with the clouds there and I didn't have to layer them as I usually do. I painted this 3 times as I really loved how they turned out.  Skies, Clouds, and Birds - image 6 - student projectTwice I had to repaint this piece. I'm not overly happy with how the clouds turned out, but it's better than my previous attempts.