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Caitlin Mekita

Front-end web developer and designer



Ski in Vail, Colorado

I like this poster because while it is dated, the style is still relevant. It's quirky and funny with a really odd take on perspective. I was drawn to the symmetry, the colors, and the vintage vibe. I'm a professional front-end web developer and I'm notoriously bad at illustrator in my workplace. I have an art background so I have been trying to learn more about digitial illustration outside of Photoshop, which I feel I am too dependent on. 

Got started today on my basic shape and line outlines. The best trick I learned today was that you could hold down alt and duplicate an item and then press control + d to keep duplicating it in the same way. This came in so much handy on the shoelaces and also the lines in the hat. The ski poles were a little tricky because there was a lot of subtracting one shape from another. I am a little nervous about keeping perfect symmetry but I think I am doing ok so far.

I added all of the colors !


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