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Sketchy Ummah Identity Project

I am actually in the midst of branding my blog and my deadline is this 4 days away! I've been working on the logo for a while and my designer is trying to get it just right. I already had an idea of what I wanted to convey but going through the exercises here will help me achieve a more consistent look and feel moving forward. 

Creative Brief

Background: Sketchy Ummah is a website/blog which features sketchnotes on Islamic lectures, as well as tips on sketchnoting and learning. There is currently no brand story or feel beyond using the color green.

Objective: To create a consistent and inviting identity reflecting modern aesthetics, levity, and reverence of tradition.

Target Audience: Muslims who are full-time students, professional, parents. etc. that enjoy religous study and activities in their free time. These people are interested in studying traditional texts but enjoy doing so in modern ways, i.e. livestreaming, podcasting, online courses, attending lectures held in state-of-the art facilities. They are very likely following their favorite preachers/lectures via various social media platforms.

Message: Sketchnoting improves your learning, You should try it!

Competition: none that I can really think of it's pretty niche

Creative Considerations: colors a bright blue & goldenrod 

Tone/Keywords: Studious,  accessible/inviting,  Islamic, hip, creative, geek-chic 


This is the progression of my logo thus far, I did the initial sketches and my designer is bringing it to life. We've just been having issues w. the web color vs print color conversions but seem to be getting over that hump. I included the blue so you can see what I'm aiming for. I'm a bit worried that esp. in the current color the stripes read nautical instead of "sketchy", the problem is with sketchy stripes if they are too close together they become indistinguishable when the logo is small and it ends up looking solid. 

Here is my mood board which seems a bit all over the place

I'm not quite sure if my mood board really hits the spot. I do have a reason for all of the pics but I'm not sure how it reads from the perspective of someone else. This may or may not matter since I am the client anyway. I want to create a balance between the fun/creative side of sketchnotes and the notetaking studious/geeky part. I don't want it to come off as too buttoned up, nor do I want it to seem like a purely entertaining pursuit which is why I liked the Sketch College font as a base, with the minaret shape pulled into the logo. The blue/gold palette is rather traditional in Islamic art as you can see in the upper right image. 

I think the part where I'm sort of stuck and look forward to working through is the use of a "brand pattern", I'm not sure if it seems to fit well with the feel of the logo. I do like this pattern though because it's an Islamic geometric pattern, but at the same time once colored it also reminds me of the bold, colorful patterns that you see in the "preppy" design aesthetic which seems like it sorta fits with the studious, collegiate part of the brand. 

Any feedback is welcome. 


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