Sketchnote on The Mathematics of History

I've been sketchnoting for a couple of years (self-taught from Rohde's book and Sunni Brown's book) but I thought it would interesting to take this Skillshare class. I was VERY impressed with this class. It was extremely practical and I wish it would have been available back when I started. I picked up a few things and I especially liked the exercises inspired by/borrowed from Sunni Brown's book.

For the project I thought it would be a fun challenge to sketchnote a short talk. I selected the TED talk titled "The Mathematics of History" by Jean-Baptiste Michel. The reason why I thought this one would be a challenge is because the shorter talks typically are more dense with information and the information rate is usually higher than in the longer TED talks. To add to this, the accent of the speaker in the one that I chose really required me to "listen hard." For me, active listening skills are essential for making good sketchnotes and only practice really makes you improve. At the end of this particular talk, I discovered that it WAS a challenge and I was able to use some of the skills that are discussed and practiced in this Skillshare class. I should mention that I used an iPad Pro with the Apple Pencil to make the sketchnote using the app called Procreate.

So here it is: my sketchnote of the short TED talk titled "The Mathematics of History" by Jean-Baptiste Michel.




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