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Sketchnote Notebook

I'm a Sketchnoter, well... I'm an IT guy but, I'm a Sketchnoter! And I love notebooks. I started to make my own handbinded notebooks few months ago and the exact moment I found this course I had a blast: my next notebook will be handmade and BEAUTIFUL!!!.

So, my project is to create a front cover, a back cover and a sleeve for my next notebook.

First things first: I started putting down on paper what I want, sort of notebook's attributes. Here is the first quick note. 

I want the sentence on the front has the follow up on the back make it seems a sticker, something you paste on your notebook along the way. Also, I would like to highlight tha is hand made and I'm thinking to use something like a stamp or a kind of  industrial mark.

Following there is the first mood board.

Honestly, I'm not completely happy with it.

Then comes to my mind that Sketchnote and Coffee are in 1:1 relationship so, I searched for something about coffee and typografy.

And here is my second mood board.

 And I stareted working on them

The general idea is to have old printed newspaper as covers backgroud. On the front cover a big element  with text and a drawing plus the "handmade" sticker and a stamp that would be the "signature".

For the back cover another big sticker, not yet sure about the spine.

I'm working on copy.

Here are my sketches

An this is my finalized front cover

And here the first printing tests

Now is time to finalize the notebook.

I also made an experiment: I printed a cover in black and white and dyed with coffee.

Here is the result

I'm going to use this to finalize a small test notebook before stating to work on the main one.

*** UPDATE ***

And here is one of the final notebooks

The "caffeinated" covers are nice but so fragile!


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