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Sketching the Body with Shapes.

I'd like to show my thought process on how I get a pose I like for my charatcer.

Before I begin the actuall sketching process, I like looking up action scenes in cartoons to get me inspired. In this case I'll be looking up images from the anime Kill La Kill to help me with the pose for my character. 

Once I find the ones I like, I begin the sketch process. I see the human body made up of triangles so thats I how approach my guestures while thinking of line of action and ways to exaggerate the pose. 

Once I see the pose I like, I begin to work with it and try to figure out how my charatcer will fit in. I figure out what works and what doesnt work and physicly try to do the pose myself so I get a better understanding of it. Once I know I'm ready, I begin the charatcer sketch.

I used one of my original charatcers for this pose, things I still need to understand is perspective that way I can make my characters seem less flat, my goal by the end of these lessons is try to get my characters to be more dynamic and eye catching, I'm sure I'll learn alot in these classes!

Jonathan Lopez


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