Nadia Merola

Associate Creative Director



Sketching my way to magic

Day 1

Hi there, so I've finally pushed aside all of my procrastination and started. I'm a Digital Associate Creative Director for a marketing agency, currently on maternity leave and have really wanted to get back into sketching, painting, and generally using my creativity in a more tactile way. I used to draw, and paint so much when I was younger, and I loved it. I would spend hours and hours on projects. But lately, work has been busier, and more focused on directing, and when I do get to do hands-on work, it's almost entirely digital. I miss getting lost in a painting or a drawing. And I've noticed as I've tried to recently, it's much harder, it's even difficult trying to handwrite, my hands have forgotten how. That's why I'm trying to do more of these classes, to shake off the cobwebs and exercise those muscles again.

My first sumbission is experimenting using an object that I would not normally use to paint or draw with. I used wine corks, as I have a lot of them around ;) Not to say I'm sitting at home with my 6 month old drinking wine all day, it's just that my husband is a bit of a wine collector. It was really fun using them to paint with. They created interesting textures.

Now on to the next assignment!


Day 2 - Prompts : Flowers

For my first day of sketching I took inspiration from what I saw around me during a walk with my daughter. I absolutley love lilacs and love their beautiful smell, so I collected some from one of the hundreds of bushes that are around my place to brighten up my kitchen and so I could also sketch one. Here is the result!


I added some colour with watercolour paints. It's been decades since I've used watercolours, I am definitely a bit rusty, but it's really fun using them again. Can't wait to get more practice.


Day 3 - Time

For this exercise I rolled a 3, and picked geometric shapes from the bowl. It's amazing how fast 3 minutes goes by. The end result isn't anything spectacular or inspiring by any means. I got out barely four shapes, but it got me painting which is the goal! After the 3 minutes I added a bit more detail using a pencil, just some quick outlines and cross-hatching and shadows. 


Day 4 - Space

Well I'm not going to lie, I've been procrastinating and didn't get around to making the fortune teller with the names of rooms, I just picked one out of a bowl. I ended up getting my dining room, where it's pretty open and easy to spread out my paint and sketchbook. I had no real inspiration as to what to draw, and I knew I had been putting this off for days so I literally looked up and saw my water glass and started to sketch it. This is the result:


Day 5 - (or Day 1 of 14) Keeping the habit going

I picked a 14 out of the bowl so I will attempt to sketch something for the next 14 days. I already know it will be a challenge but I want to tackle it head on. I've started today by drawing a random squiggly line and making something out of it. It was fun! I made a cute octopus. I am looking forward to getting into the habit of drawing and painting on a regular basis.


Day 2 of 14 - Keeping the habit going

Looking around me again for inspiration I saw a magazine cover with tomatoes on it. Picked up my pencil and watercolours and away I went :)


Day 4 of 14 - Keeping the habit going



Day 5 of 14 - Keeping the habit going

Flower from photo


Day 6 of 14 - Keeping the habit going

My eye


Day 7 of 14 - Keeping the habit going

Toy Rubber block


Day 8 of 14 - Keeping the habit going

Letter S


Day 9 of 14 



Day 10 - this one really was not good lol 

Day 11 of 14



Day 12 of 14

Animal fun faces


Day 14 of 14

My daughter's mouth/nose


This is my last sketch for this class, but I will for sure be continuing the practice of sketching as often as I can. I really fell in love with it and found sketching calming and relaxing and felt like I was putting my creativity to good use and practice. I really enjoyed this class a lot! Thanks!


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