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Sketching my alter ego

I tried to sketch my first drafts in Photoshop, but it appears that I do better with a pencil than a stylus. So I opened my sketchbook and here are my drafts:

I had a lot of trouble to find a way to draw my eyes (with contact lenses of glasses?) and make me look girlish because of my short hair. I finally came to a version I liked (the 2 drawings on the right bottom of the page):

Then I made the model sheet, but had some lack of imagination. I just imitated the faces of the course, and try to put these expressions on my "tiny-me":

Then I scanned the 2 drawings I enjoyed the most and coloured them in Photoshop. I'm not sure my choice of colors was very good:

I haven't had any idea of a comic scene nor did I write any storyboard, so I still have to complete this part. For the moment I'm trying to get accustomed to this new character:

Webcomic coming soon! (... I hope)

[EDIT] After receiving Sarah's feedback, I made some new attempts in order to improve the way I deal with colors:

[EDIT... again] So, here is my first attempt at making a webcomic, with a very short scenario for a start: 

I'll try to make a longer webcomic - at least 4 cases! - next time. The direct link to the note on my Tumblr blog is here


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