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Patrick Visser

UX Designer and Illustrator



Sketching for UX and Business - visualise your ideas with pen & paper

In this class you'll learn some quick and handy sketching techniques that will propel your visual communication skills to the next level.

This class is suitable both for total beginners and more seasoned designers who want to be more efficient at doing quick sketches to communicate ideas and concepts.

I'll show you how to sketch and apply the 4 essential building blocks of effective visual communication: images, type, layout and colour.

In this class you'll learn:

  • Choosing the right materials
  • Sketching the basic visual elements
  • Drawing simple objects and icons
  • Easy techniques to give your type more impact
  • Effective layouts to arrange your sketches
  • How to use highlight color and shading

These skills can be applied in work and life to get more ideas out faster and explain them to others with visuals.

To learn this skill you'll choose an idea or process for our project, break it down to its 3 main steps and communicate it through simple sketching.

For example "my morning routine", "how to survive a zombie attack", "my newest invention". You'll end up with a poster style sketch-note and some great skills to quickly express your thoughts.

Join me and get better at sketching.

Class outline:

Intro video:


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