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Carlye Cunniff

Experience Designer



Sketching Your Big Idea Example Project

I had an idea of what I wanted to build for this project already, so didn't do a crazy 8's to start with. Instead, I started with a persona and her story. My persona, Abbey, is a fan of the outdoors, but doesn't always know where she should go camping, and is overwhelmed by the process of planning her trips.


After understanding Abbey and her situation, I started to sketch a flow or happy path of a potential solution. It's messy and hard to read, but it's just for me to use to understand what requirments my product might have.


After figuring out what needed to happen on each page, I started wireframing out a few screens of this product.


This was the  first iteration - after showing it around, I learned that it wasn't best way to organize all the information the page would contain. I tried again, this time challenging myself to design for mobile - first. This constraint make me think of an interface design solution I wouldn't have thought of before.



My next steps would be to test this wireframe again before taking it any higher in fidelity.


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