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Lille Diane

~artist, musician, & human sparkler~



Sketching Portraits in Ink

Hi Yuko and everyone,

Thank you, Yuko, for your passion to teach us how to grow as artists with ink. Ink is such a tranformative medium to work in. The growth that happens when you trust yourself to let the ink flow is one of the scariest and by far the most rewarding parts of inking anything. 

Thank you all in this classroom for being here. I'm growing just watching what you've created. I'm making my way through our class gallery of your work. I appreciate you taking time to look at my project.

Happy Inking to you all!

Below: My ink drawing of Stacy Linn Brown, local Colorado prospector, amazing artist and friend. Stacy will be on upcoming episodes of The Weather Channel's hit show, "Prospectors". 



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