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Sketching = Magic

Hi, my name is Lara and in my free time I have a lot of hobbies, recently including drawing/sketching/doodling among knitting, quilting, and weaving. In real life I am an Agricultural Studies major in university and a soon to be graduate. You can find me regularly on Instagram @ldemoissac. I really look forward to expanding my art practice (I've never considered myself an artist, so it's very exciting to say that).

Day 1: But I don't have the right art supplies!


Day 2: But I don't know what to draw!


Today I picked monsters out of my creative prompt mug (because a magic bowl will maybe not fit onto my desk at the moment, and I have a mug handy). I really liked that once I picked monsters there was not going back and I just went for it. Also, I drew them without looking at anything else. I just started drawing.

Day 3 But I don't have the time!

I rolled my digital dice and got four minutes. I set my timer, chose a pencil, and drew everyday objects out of my mug.


Day 4: But I don't have the space!

I chose the cafeteria at school from my fortune teller and the slip titled "patterns" from my bowl.



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