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Sketching Exploration

Day 1: I have all I need

I joined this class to encourage me to explore and practice my art on a regular basis. I'm excited to expand my creativity and pursue improvement over perfection.


Day 2: Vacation

Today I chose the word vacation.  Wish I was here! :-) I loved the drawing on this, but didn't feel great about the watercolor. It was still a good experience. I really liked using sepia pens and varying the line width. I learned that it is easier for me to start with an image for the basic format of the photo (spacing, composition, etc.), but then to "feel" the final touches without worrying about matching the source.


Day 3: Technology

This was a quick sketch (~10 minutes) around "technology". I haven't done much pen work, so it was fun to experiment with it. I typically have a very tight style and take a long time to fiddle with my work, so working quickly was a real challenge for me.


Day 4: In my home office

Today I did a sketch of a pinecone. Pinecones provide so many opportunities for interesting shadows, shapes, and textures. As much as I enjoy detail work, I am trying to improve my speed, and that requires a simplification that brings about wonderful growth and expression. I did this work in my home office/studio area. It is my favorite location to do art, but I appreciated the reminder that we can do art anywhere.


Day 5

I sketched this picture from our trip to Italy while I was watching TV. I am excited about making art a regular practice and am looking forward to the February workshop.



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