Sami Davis

designer + illustrator



Sketching Couture + Street Style!

9 Heads and croquix. These were the formers bases I knew about fashion illustration. All my life I grew up drawing shapes-- just like Dallas did! When I went to school, I felt like those really important and valuable drawing basics got lost in translation somewhere. I'm SO glad I discovered this class and got reminded of the basics that make a great drawing.

Awhile ago, I would rush my sketches, trying to be like Katie Rodgers of PaperFashion. I wanted fast and beautiful, but recently discovered that's NOT my style, really. Taking my time to tell a story with the clothes, creating detail with pens and colored pencil. THIS IS WHERE IT'S AT!

My first inspiration photo was drawn from a clothing company who is pretty popular on instagram, Clad & Cloth. Loved the skirt, so decided to illustrate it!


Next, Caroline of Love & Loathing LA. Red lether, yellow leather ;)


Lastly, I felt with this illustration I really started to see my style start to develop. I was more playful, liked sketchy lines, whimsical angles, and something a litlte more funky. I'm excited to see where this how this style will develop!

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