Sketches of "Volume and Structure"

Sketches of "Volume and Structure" - student project

Thank you dear Brent for this amazing insights! This is my 2nd course after I took your class Gesture / An Introduction to the Art of Figure Drawing.

Still working to get better. Sometimes I am so overwhelmed by all those "self-taught pros" here in the internet leaving a feeling of getting lost where to start at all.
Who has similar feelings is right here in all your courses!
So, dear Brent, thank you for your patience in your courses that are so well structured. I enjoyed it a lot and I will keep training! Best, Julie

Sketches of "Volume and Structure" - image 1 - student project

I keep the "construction notes" I worked on in my sketchbook as reference - so I can always go back. 


Sketches of "Volume and Structure" - image 2 - student project

Sketches of "Volume and Structure" - image 3 - student project

Sketches of "Volume and Structure" - image 4 - student project

PS: Just a quick feedback: I normally use this practical courses for coming down from the work of the day without sitting on the PC. I really like how you integrated the references in the video in the first course. Opening the references as PDFs on the tablet is not possible unfortunately with this app. I also like it a lot to have a time pressure and not getting confused which references I already downloaded for work. So it was easier to keep clean making some progress. This is just my feedback I enjoyed in the first gesture course a lot.

I also tried working with the egg and the paper construction but couldn't handle so well. Maybe you can also check this free service of Mixamo for reference? You even don't need to be logged in.
And there are a lot of "Basic Puppets" that can be shown in different perspectives 

Julie Boehm
Painter and Filmmaker