Sketches for CupidWithFriends

Sketches for CupidWithFriends - student project

For an online dating web site I'm working on called

Survivor - Imported settings from OkCupid

Quote me on that - Wrote 10 comments on friends' profiles

Pickup Artist - Sent 25 messages

Wingman - Introduced 10 friends

Snappy - Added photos for 3 friends

Chemistry set - user became a Matchmaker

Zomg - Reacted to 10 different comments

Referee - Flagged 3 bad comments which resulted in takedowns

Newbie - user signed up

Casanova - Got replies in 10 conversations

Some of these are pretty rough and I may go back and change them. I only spent an hour on the mindmap, so this is a rough first version and there will be some iterations.

Sketches for CupidWithFriends - image 1 - student project

Sketches for CupidWithFriends - image 2 - student project