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Sketches: Cricket Baby

Initial sketches:

I've been sketching away, trying to come up with the juxtaposition of cute and gross. I think crickets are kind of gross (and I've been quizing the people I know about their feelings about crickets, especially the big spiny, black crickets and lots of people share that they are creeped out by them!)


as I was drawing away, I started to get side tracked by roaches and how gross they were. Then I started wondering if making a black toy is racist. Then I go freaked out and stopped. How do you know if what you are making will be offensive? Maybe I should make the baby cricket pink. Maybe that would be an even more disturbing image than using the actual color of the cricket.


I believe that I am coming from the Japanese school that Paul mentioned in his history. I love disturbing cuteness mixed with a retro flair. My image groups broke into the vintage/creepy, cute/slightly off categories. The first group includes a vintage picture of a rat headed couple I’ve seen floating around the web recently, coupled with a cloudy from Friends With You. Ugh, the unbearable sweetness of that image paired with the idea that the little raindrops are born to die.

I've been thinking lately about crickets, they are awful looking up close, especially the giant, shiny house crickets, but they have a positive image in our culture, harmless, chirpy, possibly cute, but they are terrifying with their spiky legs and hard dead eyes. 

Finally I’ve included a chart of print emoticons. These things are the absolute smallest signifier for difficult human feelings, yet they illicit a response in us. I’ve coupled it with the Bug headed monster, an adult version of the cricket baby I imagine.


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