Stefanie D'Angelo

Illustrator, Photographer, Eater of foods




I loved seeing your first sketchbook. I cringe at most of my old sketchbooks.

These exercises were great. Simple, and effective. 

Exercise 1:

Doughnuts. Because they're delicious.


Exercise 2:

I'm always looking for something to draw, and I always feel like I don't have anything cool in my house to draw. But I realized that I just neglect to draw ordinary things I use every day. So I grabbed something that was on the table in front of me. It happened to be my tiny light. I use tiny light to draw at night from my couch hole. He isn't very bright. All the colors look different in the morning when I look at what I drew the night before. But I still love tiny light. He's so bendy.


Exercise 3: Coming Soon.


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