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I felt very impressed and encouraged by Josh's style at teaching on first HYPE class  here, so I was sure I would not miss this one. I hope this time I can pay more attention (was following too many courses last time).

No clue about what kind of project I will develope, so by now this will be just the place where I keep track of what I'm doing.

For spanish speakers, here is a link to my blog where I post all my notes while learning Procesing


Let's have fun!

First sketch: HRotate(), HCanvas(), nesting objects

Just some rotating objects nested in other rotating objects.


This Javascript version does not show the trails created with HCanvas, so here's a video


Is there a way for publishing this on the web WITH the fading effect?

Second sketch: HRotate(), HOscillator()

Three rectangles, no fill.

Two rectangles, one canvas, random values in color, rotation and oscillation

Third Sketch: HPixelColorist


Sketch 1

Four squares moving, rotating and leaving trails. Same ease and spring.

Sketch 2

Four objects. Ease change every time a tween is finished.


With HRects


With HShapes



Here is a video showing some sketches...


More images here

Images are mounted symmetricaly on Photoshop. Figuring out how to do that work using PGraphics.


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