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Sketchbook magic


I'm a budding Finnish textile artist who wants to fall back in love with sketching and drawing. I used to draw constantly when I was a teenager but started to feel conflicted with it and eventually stopped completely. I think this was because I thought I was rubbish at it and didn't have my own style. 

I've always been making up characters and used to draw them all the time. Now I still sometimes sketch the odd fantasy portrait but would like to make it into a habit. 

Day 1: Tools: pen, pencil, make up. Staying in a hotel tonight so I don't have my usual things with me but I decided to make something anyway. It was very enjoyable. 


Day 2

This was most enjoyable. I got 'song lyrics' out of the bowl and just started drawing. Love markers. 


Day 3 

I got 'favourite words' from the bowl. Tried watercolours but not too sure about the result. Doesn't seem to work on this paper. 


Day 4

Just leaves today. Still sticking to markers. 



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